Mike and Liz:
Thanks for the warm welcome and helpful tour. It's been a long day, I am tired, but arriving here is like coming home. I thought you might like to know that Zoe proclaimed this "the coolest place ever!" See you soon.
Varda N. & 10 Year Old Zoe & Samantha, American Girl doll, age unknown. Mother, daughter and doll in Chicago for lunch, theater and shopping at American Girl Place and other must-see attractions.
Minneapolis, MN June 2004

Mike and Liz:
Thank you for helping to make our week in Chicago in January so wonderful. Your townhouse manages to be both elegant and comfortable, two attributes seldom found together. It really is just perfect. It had everything we needed to make our stay a pleasant one. We loved being able to fix our own breakfast at our own time. And you two were such great help in locating things that we wanted to see and do in Chicago.

It was also nice having both a place to park our car and the "El" station a short walk away.

Old Town is grand. We found that we never had to journey more than two blocks for a memorable eating experience. And there were shops selling everything we needed.
We shall return.
Larry and Maggie S.
Portland, OR January2004

Mike & Liz:
Did you say this room was $175 or $1,175? ... Wow. This place is great. It has everything. Now, all I need is for you to get me some Bears tickets. We’ll tell everyone back in St. Louis. Butch
Kurt, Mike and Butch
St. Louis, MO November 2003

Dear Elizabeth and Mike
David and I arrived safely home to New Zealand three days ago - what a mammoth trip!

We both want to sincerely thank you for your lovely welcome when we arrived. We truly enjoyed staying in your beautiful guest home, plus the long chats. We think Chicago is an amazing city and can't wait to return in the future.
Kind regards
Dianne E. and David H.
Auckland, New Zealand October 2003

Dear Liz and Mike,
Thanks again for all you did to make our (extended) stay in Chicago so wonderful! Best wishes to you for your continued success with Old Town Chicago Bed & Breakfast.

P.S. Sophie cannot stop talking about you and your place! Chicago made quite an impression.
Yours truly,
Robin & William D. & 3 Year Old Sophie
London, U.K. October 2003

Dear Mike and Liz,
Well, I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed staying with you. It made all the difference in the world and I don't just mean the wonderful property you have, but especially the two of you as hosts. I loved getting to know you and sharing this family event with you. I can't imagine having done it any other way. You were so gracious and so kind to us. I know we can be a handful and the day of the wedding was hectic with people and stuff everywhere, but you were so kind and overlooked our clutter and chaos. I told Emily we should come back and stay with you on their first anniversary. I'm not sure that's how they envisioned spending that day, but as a mother, I figured I'd give it a shot!

Again, thank you so much for everything. I find you both fascinating and hope to count you as friends.
Annie & Bern D., Mother and Father of Bride, Emily, and Family
Roanoke, VA October 2003

Dear Mike and Liz,
Your welcome was warm and your place beautiful. Your place was a first for me and everything was a first for Dakota and Alexa. The children were in awe and reluctant to leave Chicago. Thank you for making their experience so grand.
Mary R. and Grandchildren, Alexa, 9 & Dakota, 6
Goshen, IN July 2003

Greetings Michael & Liz,
This is a long overdue note of thanks to you both for all your kind patience and assistance to make our wedding day in your lovely Bed & Breakfast special. We had a glorious day, beautiful sun as the ceremony took place.... I hope you will remember Vanille Patisserie when you want something exquisite for your next party.... Rev. Patti ... made our ceremony so special ... The creme de la creme was our last minute find for a solo violinist. He played for 3 hours ... and was absolutely amazing.... If I had it to do over, it would be the exact same way, down to all details. Most especially, the location....
Best Wishes,
Maria C. & Jon D.
Antioch, TN June 2003

Hi Liz and Mike,
Made it back to London OK and am back at work here with a good case of jet lag.

Thank you for a lovely stay at your Bed & Breakfast. I will be recommending your place to all of my colleagues and the BP Travel Center.
Happy Holidays to you both.... you are both wonderful.
Kind Regards,
Toby T. :)
London, U.K. December 2002

Dear Michael and Elizabeth;
Today is Easter. We are taking this opportunity to wish you a happy day for Easter with your family.
We spent a wonderful time in Chicago and hope maybe to come again.
Friendly yours,
Monique and Pierre B.
Marseille, France December-January 2002-03

Dear Mike & Liz,
Well we are now back home, the laundry is done, mostly folded and ironed. Why is it that the thing that lasts the longest is the unpacking and putting to rights? And where does all the dust come from? I swear there is a bad house fairy that throws sacks of dust and cobwebs about the second you leave. And of course it goes without saying that the spiders hold open house.

We had a wonderful holiday due not in small part to your warm welcome. I feel guilty that we seemed to eat rather a lot of your Stilton and drink most of your excellent port. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us the sights of Chicago. It is a truly fantastic city.... Really we could have done with another week at least but I expect most visitors to Chicago say the same thing, no matter how long they have stayed.

The weather here has turned wonderfully warm and almost like summer so I shall go out to do a bit of shopping on my bike and then carry it home in my wicker basket! Malcolm has been sorting out his photographs so hopefully there will be some suitable to send to you both. Take care and do keep in touch.
Warmest regards,
Gabrielle & Malcolm P.
London, U.K. June 2002

Mike & Liz,
Thank you for a great stay at your Bed & Breakfast - you are wonderful hosts! Thank you for letting us stay late - we enjoyed every minute here. Will pass on the good word. P.S. YOUR RECORD COLLECTION IS A TRUE JOY!
Kelly & Dave,
Minneapolis, MN June 2002

Mike & Liz,
Thanks so much for the wonderful stay. Your home is beautiful!! We will call next time we are in town.
Robin and Hans
Frankfurt, Germany May 2002

Shalom dear Liz & Mike.
Our staying with you will be remembered as a dear memory.

While preparing to send you back Barbara Ward's book - The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations, I thought that it might be of interest to the Jordan Valley College's library. Can I offer it to the library as your donation? If positive - would you like to stick a reminder that you donate it?
Again - THX 4 the wonderful staying with you. Regards from Zahara.
Dani & Zahara R.
Bet Zera, Israel May 2002

Hello Mike and Liz!
Just wanted to say "hello" and tell you I love your new website! It's beautiful!

I'm recommending you to my coworker who would like to go up to Chicago with her husband. I have talked to so many people about your place, now that you have an awesome website. I will forward it on!

Hope you're both doing well. We sure wish we could come up there a lot more often than we do or can. Looks like maybe in 2004 we might be able to come up for a week or so. Or maybe we can skip up there for a long weekend. (We promise we won't leave our luggage on the sidewalk, okay?).
Maria & George C.
Tampa, FL April and July 2002

Good morning Liz and Michael,
You both have been on my mind since returning home from Chicago. Back to reality and the everyday of life. I so much enjoyed my stay in Chicago and especially at your home. What a clean, cozy and warm place to unwind and just be tranquil. I really needed the time spent. It was a great pleasure to have gotten to know both of you a little bit and I am looking forward to getting acquainted with you both again.

Michael, thank you for giving me the Opera material. I immediately gave it to my mother who is an opera buff like you and Liz. She enjoyed reading the information very much.

Again thank you for your warm hospitality and just being the people you are. Keep in touch, as I will do periodically. Chicago is a great place. I loved so much seeing and talking to people of all races and backgrounds and got a big high in listening to people passing and speaking in their native tongues.
Have a great day.
Denise C. & Michelle N.
Cincinnati, OH October 2002

Liz and Mike,
Thank you so very much for your great hospitality and beautiful Bed & Breakfast. I had a very restful time and also some GREAT sushi at Kamehachi. Here is the web link to the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps home page.
Dr. Craig B.
Houston, TX, April 2002 and various other dates throughout 2002 and 2003

Mike & Liz:
We love your house. Thank you so much for opening it up to us. Kristin D.
We appreciate your wonderful hospitality. Thanks for making this an even more memorable experience. LOVE THAT PIANO. Janelle D.
Thank you for a wonderful time. You have done a beautiful job on the house. We loved all of it! We’ll be back!! Love, Shelley S.
Enjoyed your beautiful home. Thank you for all your help while we were here. I hope to be back! Pauline B.
Thank you for the delightful time in your home. It was great. Lanette
Kristin, Janelle, Shelley, Pauline, & Lanette
Kansas City, KS September 2002

Mike & Liz -
Thank you so much! We loved it. Hope to see you again.
Connie, Mayme, Rose & Roz,
St. Louis, MO August, 2002

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